The build of the "Charade G10" was started in January 1978, from September 1978 on the 3 door model was also built, which is especially well known in our country because it had a small round window which reminds of a porthole and was built into the C-pillar.
This was NOT exported to England or Australia, however, there were always only the 5 door models.

The Charade G10 was the first model officially built by Daihatsu to be exported. There have been some exports of the Daihatsu Compagno but this had never been planned on a grand scale.

Daihatsu had invested about 10 years of development into the Charade, they wanted a car that is considered to be modern by all scales of the world, it was supposed to be a so-called 5 square meter car, i. e. it should offer enough space for a family to transport 2 adults and 2 children and it should still be as small as possible on the outside.

In the category "Prototypes" you can see some of the prototypes that were considered at that time.

Japanese Ur-Charade

This vehicle has never been exported

The  "Charade 1000"


Easily recognizable from the outside are the indicators still under the bumper, the rear-view mirrors on the fenders were also offered in Japan with the newer versions, but not for the export models where they could still be retrofitted from time to time.


Dashboard and speedometer of the very first Charade

First Series, MK-1


The first export in the port of Kobe


Second series (Facelift), MK-2


The 3 door version never sold in Australia or England.

The three-door version got the name "runabout."

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    In some countries in South America it was also sold under the name Charade G20, but here a modified engine with slightly modified pistons was used which reduced the displacement from 993ccm to 843ccm.

    While in South American countries, the G10 is still visible in daily road traffic, the G10 has almost disappeared from the street scene in Europe. From the Charade G10 and G20 together, only


    Vehicles built


1979 a Daihatsu Charade G10 wins a "economy trip" in Paris


    Daihatsu Charade G10