The value of a vehicle is always realistic. Of course, this is not only true for the Charade G10, but also for all cars.


In general, the value of a vehicle is the value of what others are willing to spend on selling it.

It should also be noted that the market in Austria and Switzerland is based on the German version of "Classic Data".

Due to my many years of experience with the market prices of the G10, I would like to state here a mediocrity, which in practice can usually be achieved for a sales price.

According to Classic-Data (values from 2018), a Charade G10, whether coupe or five-door sedan,

6400. - Euro in condition 2
3200. - Euro in condition 3
800, - Euro in condition 4

Classic Data also notes that the value has risen by 56%, making it one of the very few companies with such an increase in value.

In practice, however, the matter looks a little bit different.

A 4/5 door limousine is hardly ever bought in Germany and Austria. That's also because in all those years NEVER a G10 5 door in condition 1-2 on the market, these vehicles are not available any more and if they are in condition 4-5. A 5 door door usually goes over the table at 300, - euro.

The 3 door coupe (bull-eye) almost always goes away, but really well preserved vehicles are traded over these prices, really nice G10 coupe's in condition 1-2 usually go over the table between 3000 and 4500.

How the worth grows in Germany (Condiftion 2)?

2010 = 1200,- Euro
2011 = 1200,- Euro
2012 = 1500,- Euro
2013 = 3000,- Euro
2014 = 2900,- Euro
2015 = 2900,- Euro
2016 = 6400,- Euro
2017 = 6400,- Euro

Daihatsu Charade G10

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