As you can see, here are 2 completely different speedometers. But there are far more differences than you can see at first sight.

At the speedometer (2) you see the Japanese (JDM) version, the differences are that the km/h label from 100km /h is shown in orange (and the speedometer from 110km/h gives a warning tone (see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXe0hOn03Xk )

Additionally there are 2 different indicator lights (the two lowest) for the Japanese version with catalytic converter (with the CB31 engine).

Depending on the country, there were sometimes different advertisements.

MK-2 Tacho Daimatic Versions
(ONLY the MK-2 was available with Daimatic)


MK-2 Tacho Versions Manual

The blue line marks the range for speed step "L".

Above to see right below the triangle, a necessity for Germany at that time, not so in Austria or Holland (below).

MK-2 speedometer rear view

Without RPM counter

With RPM counter

It is very easy to change the speedometer within the series (MK-1 to MK-1), for example if you have a model without tachometer and you want to install a speedometer with tachometer, simply install and ready.

But attention, for the rev counter to work in a model that has no rev counter before, the filter in the engine compartment must be retrofitted, it can also be used the filter from a G11 or G100 charade. Shown at the bottom of the picture. (red arrow)

MK-1 Speedo Versions

MK-1 XTE Coupe

Instead of the rev counter there were 2 different clocks to choose from, either analogue or digital (!!)


Speedo connector

Japanese speedo over 110km/h

Daihatsu Charade G10

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