Within the suitcase are only spareparts I may need


Oh, where do I start?
If you are as interested in the G10 as I am in the G10, you just have to look at the different car fairs and see if there is a Charade G10 somewhere, and in the late summer of 2012 I was already interested in this one ad that didn't leave me out,  The original mono radio was added to my list of most wanted parts a few months later;)

And then I saw this ad in February 2013 again..... EVEN cheaper and even more urgent because the TÜV (=MOT) in the middle of March in Holland should run off and he had to leave now definitely from the parlament place of the previous owner, either to scrap or it finds itself a buyer like I then by e-mail experienced.


Due to lack of space, I always ruled out the possibility of saving this "G10", I didn't have the space to put a 2nd G10 somewhere underneath and pick it up, the only alternative would have been to dismantle everything and scrap the rest, similar to what we already had to do with "Püppi": (

However, since the old owner was not able to repair the damage on the front end himself (the necessary parts I had offered him at a reasonable price) another solution had to be found.
 I can repair the small damage in front for me free of charge, give him my beige interior purely and a normal manual gearbox....

But first of all, how do I get this sweetheart from Zeist to Vienna???
Since the vehicle was ready to drive, it was clear to me very quickly that I wanted to drive it "on my own axle" to Vienna, but since I myself was never in Holland before and the laws there were not even known to me, I asked in a Dutch Daihatsu forum about how this could work with an export, with transfer license plate etc.....
The link to the thread / forum does not work anymore....
So when I put my concerns on the table there in this forum, someone asked me what I would like to do with "the rest" of the red G10, he hoped I would not dispose of it or throw it away.....
I replied to him as I had thought to myself:"LOVE it would be for me if I would equip this G10 with my beige interior and a manual gearbox, repair the accident damage in the front and then I could sell it to someone else at the same price as I bought it (400 euros) and then take it and maybe have it with him for a long time.
What am I supposed to say, we'll have that sort of thing fixed. The fact that the Dutch TÜV expired about 10 days after my planned pick-up (March 1st) everything had to go very fast, I took an extra 1 week off from my work.
Rauffahren with a suitcase with tools and a few spare parts (like new headlights among other things) with the train and return trip to Vienna did not sound so difficult, the rebuilding of automatic also manual switching, the reconstruction of the interior and the inclination of the front damage would then also go well in time, I would have a whole week time.....

I would like to know only TOO who can sleep here (or even stretch out), I am with my 1.76m certainly not THE biggest men......

First break stop directly after the Dutch/German border, I was soooooo tired.....

LIKELY I should have at least tried to adjust the headlights better (or just drive off later than 4:45h in the morning)?

1. tankstop, check why the turn signal in the left front doesn't work, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, found the reason...a

I think I'm going to miss those super genius and friendly Dutchmen all my life!
Imagine the following. You drive to a petrol station (in this case in Holland),"compatriots" of you who have never seen you before wish you a good journey (because they think because of the Dutch license plate you are also one of them), even if they overtake each other on the highway then will be cheerfully and friendly waved. WONDERFULL!

I love Holland!
In the greater Munich area a black Mercedes station wagon with darkened windows suddenly falls into place in front of me, and I still think to myself:"This is certainly a civilian patrol of the police", less than 30 seconds later the rear window of the car appeared "Police, please follow me".
I was actually checked for drugs at the rest stop there and checked if I had brought any drugs.... But then the conversation with the two officials was very nice. Of course, I was allowed to continue my journey without further ado.

IN Austria the next day I rattled again into a police control in the local area of Ebreichsdorf. You can imagine the disconcerted face of the official when I approached him in slang with "Grüssiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii" and gave him my Austrian driving licence. His first statement:"Why do you drive a Dutch car?"?
I tried to explain it to him, after that he insisted on an alcohol test (0.00 per mille) and let me go on after a payment of 30, - Euro (because I had no breakdown trick and no first aid Pakerl). However, I had to ask him then already why he stopped me, he said "quite clearly because of the Dutch license plates" Oh yes and they wanted to look around again in the car, could be that I would have brought something from Holland....
The rebuild and the repair afterwards worked perfectly, but it was VERY VERY short with the time...


And that's what he looked like when, in my opinion, he was ready for the return trip to Holland...

And here's another picture of his new home

Daihatsu Charade G10

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