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Roman from Berlin. His first car was a Charade G10 4-door car in 1985. He always had this car in his mind, and it was clear to him that he had to have one again at some point. The search started around the year 2000, but a suitable one, i. e. in a nice condition, could not be found. In September 2010 then the ad on mobile. de, Charade Coupe in Holland: 25100 km, hardly any rust. THAT he wanted unconditionally! Many telephone calls and plans later the trip in the T4 and car trailer went to Naldwijk. A big thanks also goes to his brother, who accompanied him and came home in the middle of the night on his wedding day.

He has a name too, he affectionately calls it "DaDa".

DaDa will probably never see rain again, who knows the Roman knows what I mean:)

Stephan Oeschger is a longtime friend of mine, his first contact with a Charade G10 was at school where a teacher had such a car Stephan fell in love with immediately. Eventually he wanted to have one and in 2003 Stephan found this wonderful vehicle with an original air conditioner at a dealer.

Here is a report from the Swiss Television where Stephan and his G10 are indoors.


Mirco, also from Berlin, also because the novel found him in search of spare parts and a workshop and infected him with the G10 virus again, because Mirco's first car was a Charade G10.

To finally get to HIS G10 Mirco had 2 Charade G10 MK-2 Coupe from Hungary come to him, one to prepare and one for the unfortunately necessary spare parts.

Radosław founder of the Facebook group “Daihatsu Charade G10 by hustla” really likes the G10 Charade.
He is one of the most important G10 owners and supporter. Thank you Radoslaw for all. :)

The owner of this G10 also had a lot of luck, he could get hold of this G10 in a dreamlike condition. Besides, he also got a green G10 coupe from the junkyard and he wants to restore it.

Günter is a Daihatsu collector of the special kind, this G10 (who is lovingly called "washing machine" because of the porthole window) in Vienna is especially for me. The first contact with this car I had with Ernst Bernsteiner, who bought my Charade G10 from him, he owned it almost 2 years before he sold it to Günter.

Günter is active in the KARO-Club and besides this G10 he has another G10 Coupe, 2 Daihatsu Compagno and some other Daihatsu's.

KAMU88 from UK. He own one of the very last Charade G10 with Daimatic in UK.

Last year there where only 1(!!) G10 with Daimatic still roadworthy in UK. You can contact the owner in our forum with his username “kamu88”

“Liverpoolcharade” Charade G10 Daimatic still Streetworthy on UK roads.

The tyres are 185/60 x 13 on Shelby wheels meant for a Mazda 323. I have Bilstein dampers all round, a custom ground "Piper" sports camshaft, rear anti-roll bar, Weber 40IF3C 3 barrel carb (still needs work to run properly). I worked for a Daihatsu dealer in the early 80s and sold this car brand new to my brother on 1st August 82 to replace a white mk1 G10 I had sold him new 18 months earlier. Unfortunately he died 5 weeks later so I kept it myself as my daily driver till about 1990. In 1998 I put it back on the road for 6 months and then put it in storage until my car mad 13 year old son (now 15 with his own 1968 Triumph Herald) found it and persuaded me to take it to my garage to restore it. When I get time I will get to work on it and hopefully we should see some results!

Jakub from Poland has 2 G10 charades and a G100 charade.

Currently he's looking for a 3 door MK-1 coupe body, so if anyone knows anything info to me, I'll forward it. admin@charade-g10.net

Marcel from Holland is also a Daihatsu collector, especially the charade has taken a fancy to him, so it was only logical that a G10 had to be built sometime.

This is my Daihatsu Charade G10, I am a Daihatsu fan and G10 lover. :)

Eirik is from Norway and I think I can say he is an Daihatsu enthosiast.

He owns a whit MK-2, 5 Door G10 with Daimatic.

Sergio Gomes is a brother in mind for me from the beatifull island of Madeira.

This is Remco van Eck’s Charade G10 Coupe with Daimatic from the Netherlands.

This is Jayden Costello's 1981 Daihatsu Charade g10, 5 speed manual. 84xxxkms. It belonged to his great grandfather and has been past down to me ..its stock as a rock.  The only things that he has been replaced is a new headlight globe and a tyre. Other than that still has everything original!

This is Andres Quijada 1981 Daihatsu Charade G10

Daihatsu Charade G10

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