Roman from Berlin. His first car was a Charade G10 4-door car in 1985. He always had this car in his mind, and it was clear to him that he had to have one again at some point. The search started around the year 2000, but a suitable one, i. e. in a nice condition, could not be found. In September 2010 then the ad on mobile. de, Charade Coupe in Holland: 25100 km, hardly any rust. THAT he wanted unconditionally! Many telephone calls and plans later the trip in the T4 and car trailer went to Naldwijk. A big thanks also goes to his brother, who accompanied him and came home in the middle of the night on his wedding day.

He has a name too, he affectionately calls it "DaDa".

DaDa will probably never see rain again, who knows the Roman knows what I mean:)


And here is a video of an oldtimer event where Roman with his "DaDa" was present!


Daihatsu Charade G10

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