The tyres are 185/60 x 13 on Shelby wheels meant for a Mazda 323. I have Bilstein dampers all round, a custom ground "Piper" sports camshaft, rear anti-roll bar, Weber 40IF3C 3 barrel carb (still needs work to run properly). I worked for a Daihatsu dealer in the early 80s and sold this car brand new to my brother on 1st August 82 to replace a white mk1 G10 I had sold him new 18 months earlier. Unfortunately he died 5 weeks later so I kept it myself as my daily driver till about 1990. In 1998 I put it back on the road for 6 months and then put it in storage until my car mad 13 year old son (now 15 with his own 1968 Triumph Herald) found it and persuaded me to take it to my garage to restore it. When I get time I will get to work on it and hopefully we should see some results!

Daihatsu Charade G10

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