Especially rarely to be found is the equipment variant "XO", which is characterized primarily by the fact that drum brakes work on all 4 wheels (instead of front brake discs) and that the rear seat bench is not split foldable.

Compared to the XTE, the XO:


x) Tachometer

x) Fabric seats

x) Adjustable headrests at the front

x) Electric trunk opener

x) Car radio

x) chrome strips on the roof edge and in the rubber of the front and rear windows

x) Front disc brakes

x) Door contact switch for interior lighting

x) rear window heating

x) Rear window wiper

x) Trunk trim

x) Exterior mirror adjustable from the inside

x) chrome bumpers

x) Automatic seatbelts front




Apart from these 3 main equipment variants, there were a large number of variants which were sold in some cases only in one country of the world, e. g. the G10 "DIAMOND".


The G10 Diamond was obviously intended exclusively for the British market and corresponds to a further upgraded XG version with special wheel trims and a 2-colour paint finish!

Daihatsu Charade G10

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