The Daimatic was a special version of the Charade G10.

It was quit new that also small cars are fittet with an Automatic Gearbox. But technically the Daimatic Gearbox is’nt a real automatic. It has only one gear for forward driving with one sub-gear (=L position) that haves a lower ratio.

The Daimatic based on Buick's Dynaflow automatic.


All differences between Daimatic and manual transmission

1. mounting of the gear lever (see photos above) in the interior

2. water cooler, is wider and has 2 connections in the lower "boat" for cooling the gear oil (ATF), the mounting is different because the water cooler is higher and wider.

3. wiring harness differences in the wiring harness behind the dashboard to the right-hand wiring harness running backwards. There are 5 additional lines, responsible for lighting the Daimatic selector lever (2 cables) and 3 cables to ensure that a G10 with Daimatic can only be started in "P" or "N" position, responsible for this is an additional relay which interrupts the power supply to the starter if the selector lever is not set to "P" or "N". These 5 wires require a different main cable set (behind the dashboard) and a completely different right part of the cable harness running back there to the rear lights.

4. cardan shafts the gearing of the cardan shafts are different on the gear side AND the length is different! the long cardan shaft is longer and the short one is shorter.

The speedometer cable is different (shorter), but the longer one can still be used.

5. no clutch pedal ;)


Charade  110_DxO

I had rebuided my G10 from 4 speed manual to Daimatic

Here you can see a video of that.




Charade  155_DxO1ff

Daihatsu Charade G10

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